About Hack Jersey

Hack Jersey was started in 2012 when a pair of veteran New Jersey journalists, Tom Meagher and Debbie Gallant, met at the Online News Association's conference. The two mused that New Jersey needed a resource to pull journalists and coders together to work on solving news problems together. The two decided a hackathon would be a good means to bring these communities together, and a few months later Hack Jersey hosted the state's first hackathon devoted to the news. The group went on to host additional hackathons and hack days as well as organizing the first Open Data summit in New Jersey.

Today, Hack Jersey is a place for journalists and hackers (and hybrids) to work on data projects that can benefit the state's news producers and consumers. We're inspired by similar initiatives such as Hack Tyler, OpenElections and the California Civic Data Coalition. We're eager to push some of these projects forward and all are welcome to contribute. Read more about how you can help.