New Jersey Crime Data

Information about the numbers and types of crime happening in a community is one of the most important things many people want to know. And yet the crime data that comes from the police agencies is often slow, highly aggregated and hard to work with.

Several years ago, the New Jersey State Police shifted from releasing statewide crime figures once a year to putting out reports on a rolling basis, month-by-month, during the year. The only trick is that these releases are a little delayed, and they're in one of the least useful data formats imaginable: PDFs.

Our goal has been to create a pipeline converting the PDFs we've been collecting since 2015 into a usable source of granular, local data that is regularly updated. We have hundreds of these PDFs and a rudimentary scraper. In the coming months, we'll be converting these the PDFs first to CSVs and then pulling the data out of them. For now, you can see and download any of the PDF releases that we've archived over the years. We also have a bare bones REST api that will let you see what kind of information we have available so far, in JSON and CSV formats.